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Volto Piume Full Mask [EWS Large] - Black-Gold

Full Face Feather Mask inspired by the mask worn by Mandy in the Warner Brothers film 'Eyes Wide Shut'. (F803B).


Price: £95.00

Allow 2 weeks for ordering

Stock Options: Black with Black Feathers

Suitable for: Female or Ornamental.

Size: 45 x 50cm

Decorations: Pheasant and Cockerel Feathers with Gold Painted Details, braiding around the edges and a small hook to put it on a wall.



This is suitable for medium size faces only, please use the below dimensions to check if the mask will fit. Note the forhead to eyes dimension also. This mask is not suitable for people with larger than average faces. The mask can also be used as a wall decoration.


This mask has been handmade in the Venetian tradition of ''Mascareri'' using a papier-mache former and the highest quality materials by the best mask makers in Venice.


Optional Colours: Red/Black, White/Black


Note: All sizes listed are approximate. The mask you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or colour from the mask shown in the picture because each mask is hand made and hand painted by individual artists.


Availability: Usually ships the next business day unless non-stock alternative colour is ordered.


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