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Gold Stick (supplied loose)

Gold Stick (supplied loose) (GDSK)


Price: £10.00

Stock Options: Gold.

Suitable for: A Half Mask, with or without feathers.

Size: 31cm


Gold coloured stick with Gold Glitter details. Made in Venice.


Optional Colours: Gold and Silver.


Availability: Usually ships the next business day unless non-stock alternative colour is ordered.


Method of Attaching:

Cut a 45 degree slope on the end of the stick using a hacksaw whilst holding the stick in a vice (protect the vice jaws from damaging the stick by using a thick cloth)

Attach the stick to the mask under the eye area using a hot melt glue gun as shown below and glue ribbon over the top to increase the strength of the join.

Hot melt glue guns are available from all DIY stores.



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